ICE Poker Guide | Play To Earn
ICE Poker Guide | Play To Earn

ICE Poker Guide | Play To Earn

ICE Poker - Launched in Oct 2021, is a Play-to-Earn eco-system built by Decentral Games.
What is Play-to-Earn? - It is being able to monetize the amount of time you put into a online game. This is a business model that emerged from crypto gaming, because rewarding players in cryptocurrency is frictionless and easily managed.
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Site Map 🗺️:

  1. How it Works
  2. What is $ICE
  3. What is $DG / xDG
  4. Wearables 101
  5. ICE Venues (Where to Play)
  6. Minting Guide
  7. Owner’s Handbook

How it Works:

Note: ICE poker does NOT involve any gambling! It is a free-play, daily tournament style of poker.
ICE poker is currently available inside the Decentraland Metaverse.
  1. In order to participate, you either need to own an ICE poker NFT, or have someone who does own one delegate it to you.
  2. Once you have possession of an ICE poker NFT, you can now check in.
  3. Every 24 hours, (7pm EST), the leaderboard resets, and NFT holders receive 3,000 free-play chips.
  4. You now have the next 24 hours, to play your chips and complete the 3 random, daily challenges.
  5. Upon completion of a challenge (i.e get 3 of a kind three times), you earn $ICE! - $ICE is the reward coin which has real world value.
  6. At the end of each day, ICE rewards are distributed to all players and delegators.

How is it Different?

ICE poker is different because it has the most polished and frictionless “rentable marketplace”, enabling passive income for NFT owners, and active income for players who cannot afford a NFT. With the main goal is for players to become owners at some point.
  • Wearables are the ‘pass’ which allow their holder to participate in ICE Poker.
  • Wearables can get pricey, and the demand is higher than the supply.
  • To incentivize more widespread gameplay, and earning, delegation is a feature.
  • Delegation = Owners can easily ‘rent out’ their NFTs to anyone with a metamask wallet.
  • Upon delegation, the delegate can now play ICE poker in the metaverse, earn $ICE, with zero upfront investment!
  • The NFT owners also benefit, because they get an instant split from their player’s earnings at the end of each day:
  • Rank 1 wearable = 60% to player, 40% to owner
  • Rank 2 wearable = 57% to player, 43% to owner
  • Rank 3 wearable = 54% to player, 46% to owner
  • Rank 4 wearable = 51% to player, 49% to owner
  • Rank 5 wearable = 48% to player, 51% to owner

What is $ICE?

ICE is the currency in which players and delegators are rewarded in. (every 24 hrs)
  • ICE can be sold for USDC
  • ICE is needed to upgrade ICE wearable NFTs (Rank 1-5)
  • ICE is burned 🔥 when players upgrade their NFTs.
  • (Higher rank wearable = higher earning potential)
  • ICE official Coingecko page: ICE
  • Trade ICE here: ICE (polygon network)

What is $DG and $xDG?

$DG is Decentral Games’ native coin. $DG holders control the rich treasury, and also decide how the eco-system progresses.
  • Decentral Games is the DAO behind ICE poker.
  • All economic revenue and value accrual goes to the treasury, which anyone can have voting power in by just buying and holding $DG
  • $DG is the native coin of the Decentral Games organization, and represents voting power in the community treasury as well as the entire eco-system in general.
  • $xDG is just the ‘receipt’ coin of staked $DG.
  • $xDG is the actual voting power.
  • To get $xDG, easiest way is to 1. Buy $DG off Quickswap (matic network) 2. Swap DG for xDG , (again on Quickswap, matic network)
  • To participate in wearable mints, users need to hold at least 1,000 $xDG per wallet

💎 ICE 101 - Clickable Info Cards

How to Play ICE Poker 💎

Below is a video from a community member, which gives a decent run-down on how to play.

FAQs (Player)

How do I start?

First head to any DG poker venue inside decentraland, w/ a wearable equipped, and check in to get the day’s free play chips.

When do I get paid my earned ICE?
  • 7 pm EST, every day, is when ICE is distributed to players and delegators.
  • Check your DG dashboard to see your ICE earnings.

FAQs (NFT Owner)

Do I have to manually collect my profit split from my deleagtes?
  • Of course not! the $ICE will be deposited into your account at 7 pm EST each day
  • However, you must “claim” your $ICE manually from your dashboard.

FAQs (Minting NFTs)

What do I need to participate in mints?
  • Minimum of 1,000 xDG in your wallet
  • also check to see if the current mint has a whitelist and what the reqs for it are / were
How often do mints occur?
  • Mints usually happen twice per month. No officla set dates, just watch the discord announcements.
What are mints priced at?
  • The price to mint a wearable is dynamic, its never the same because the secondary market floor price is always looked at first. Mint prices will always be a bit less than the secondary market floor price.

Brief Intro Video:

Delegator Success Story: