Minting 101

Minting 101

Mints happen 2 times a month, 1,250 new ICE wearables get introduced into the game by a public sale. Mint price is always lower than the market floor price, and sells out very fast.
To stay up to date on future mints, check the announcements channel in the official Decentral Games discord

Requirements To Participiate in Mints:

1. Hold at least 1,000 xDG in your metamask / wallet. (doesn’t matter if its on polygon network or ethereum mainnet)

2. Mints are either priced in $ETH or $ICE - regardless, you will need these funds on the polygon / matic network during the mint.

3. Your metamask needs to be set to Ethereum mainnet during the mint.


How to send crypto to Matic network

1. First you need to have a MetaMask crypto wallet. (super easy)

2. If you can, buy MATIC from app

3. Then “Withdraw” the $MATIC from —> MetaMask address (click-to-copy top of MetaMask pop-up) ⚠️ important - select matic network, not ERC-20 when withdrawing!

How to buy xDG

1. Navigate to Quickswap / Uniswap

2. Buy $DG first with your ETH or MATIC


3. Now that you have$DG, swap your $DG for $xDG (get at least 1,000 xDG)


How to buy during a live mint

1. Head over to the “Marketplace” page on Decentral Games


2. Connect MetaMask.

3. Make sure MMask is on Ethereum Mainnet

4. Wait until mint goes live, press blue button underneath item you want (gotta be quick) - & proceed to mint.