Owner’s Handbook

Owner’s Handbook

With great power, comes great responsibility!

Where to Find Players:

1. Head to the DG Discord

  • Head to the “delegate-forms’ chat
  • Here you will see new applications from aspiring players
  • Like somebody’s answers? DM them!

Vetting Players:

Always make sure you understand the player’s situation, are they willing to play daily, complete all challenges, how serious are they taking it etc...

Questions to ask potential players:

  1. Have you played ICE poker before? (prove it by sending your metamask)
  2. Ask for their metamask address, and paste it into POLYGONSCAN
  3. Click on “ERC-20 Token Txs” and see if they’re earning ICE daily + how much:

🚩🚩🚩 Red Flags to Watch For:

  • They admit they’re playing on many different accounts
  • They offer to pay you extra, guaranteed “RENT” in ICE, no matter their performance (this almost always means they are cheating or colluding)
  • They say they have ICE poker experience, but they want you to delegate your wearable to a brand new MetaMask account with zero transactions / history.

Cost of Upgrading Wearables:

Upgrading can be lucrative, as a owner, you increase the % split you get, and both you and your player benefit from the increased $ICE earning bonus that a higher rank wearable brings.

Splits for each rank wearable:

  • Rank 1 wearable = 60% to player, 40% to owner
  • Rank 2 wearable = 57% to player, 43% to owner
  • Rank 3 wearable = 54% to player, 46% to owner
  • Rank 4 wearable = 51% to player, 49% to owner
  • Rank 5 wearable = 48% to player, 51% to owner